The following courses are currently administered by Dr. Ordonez at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver Campus in Canada.

ELEC451 – Power Electronics

Course Outline

  • Power quality, harmonic distortion, and power factor

  • Characteristic of power semiconductor devices

  • Line frequency rectifiers

  • Buck, boost, and buck-boost DC-DC power converters

  • Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) techniques

  • Half-bridge and full-bridge topologies

  • Single- and three-phase voltage source inverters

  • Gate and base driving

  • Basic magnetic devices

  • Isolated power converters

EECE550 – Topics in Power Electronics Design

Course Outline

  • Review of basic power converter topologies

  • Power loss in power converters

  • Converter dynamics and control (small-signal analysis)

  • Inverters control

  • Sliding mode control

  • SRC and PRC resonant converters

  • LLC resonant topology

  • Phase shift full bridge ZVS

  • Power Factor Corrector (PFC)