Fred Kaiser Professorship in Power Conversion and Sustainability

Usage of fossil fuels for applications such as energy generation results in environmental and health concerns all across the globe. Advances in power conversion, generation and efficiency are fundamental for the continuous development of our society to minimize the impact on the environment and public health. The next generation of power engineers face the challenge of providing solutions for the future of sustainable energy systems.

In 2016, Dr. Martin Ordonez was awarded the Professorship in Power Conversion and Sustainability supported by the Fred Kaiser Foundation for Higher Education. The professorship incentivizes studies to enable inclusion of renewable energy generation as an integral part of the future energy systems, thus addressing sustainability challenges. The addition of top-tier researchers to Dr. Ordonez’s already successful lab team enables further investigation on topics that are fundamental for the development of the field, which include power density, cost, efficiency, system optimization, modulation and control, thermal management and cooling, devices selection and topologies. The professorship activities increases the impact of UBC in the energy systems field, especially by producing tangible results for industries focused on energy and power conversion.